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GB-840812-A: Improvements in or relating to guides for building patent, GB-840841-A: Improved course-indicating apparatus patent, GB-841720-A: Means for protection of foodstuffs and other materials from depredation by rodents patent, GB-843925-A: Improvements in jigging conveyors patent, GB-844289-A: Pimaricin and process of producing same patent, GB-844552-A: Improvements in and relating to power-driven agricultural vehicles patent, GB-844685-A: Improvements in transistors and methods of manufacture thereof patent, GB-845351-A: Improvements in or relating to casting weights for fishing lines patent, GB-847128-A: Turbine-driven fan patent, GB-847310-A: Sailing boat rig patent, GB-847515-A: Improvements in or relating to the production of prefabricated concrete structural members patent, GB-847889-A: Means for reasonably coupling together tubular or hollow members patent, GB-847943-A: Improvements in or relating to clutch operating mechanism for motor vehicles patent, GB-848213-A: An arrangement for a cyclic pitch control of rotors of rotorcraft patent, GB-848779-A: Improved seed box for a seed sower patent, GB-848845-A: Storage tank for low temperature liquids patent, GB-849301-A: Improvements in relief valves for vacuum braking apparatus patent, GB-849712-A: Current interrupting devices for power and lighting surges patent, GB-849805-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus for stacking or setting-up bricks patent, GB-850716-A: Venoclysis assembly patent, GB-851150-A: A manual tool positioning and indicating device for vertical boring mills patent, GB-852546-A: Improvements in or relating to resilient mounting blocks patent, GB-853177-A: Amplifier circuit embodying a gas or vapour filled discharge tube patent, GB-853494-A: Improvements in electrothermally actuated relays patent, GB-854564-A: Improvements in coil structure for electrical apparatus patent, GB-855508-A: Improvements relating to x-ray apparatus patent, GB-855870-A: Improvements in or relating to hoppers patent, GB-856304-A: Production of boron carbon compounds patent, GB-856395-A: Process for obtaining d(-)-alpha-hydroxy-beta, beta-dimethyl-gamma-butyrolactone patent, GB-856750-A: Improvements in and relating to collapsible tanks patent, GB-857165-A: Improvements relating to lubricating greases patent, GB-857250-A: Oscillating machine patent, GB-857330-A: Improvements in electric discharge device patent, GB-857894-A: A process for the preparation of condensation products patent, GB-858619-A: Improvements in or relating to air cooled internal combustion engines patent, GB-859073-A: Improvements in and relating to a hopper capable of being emptied in a regulatable manner patent, GB-859986-A: Improvements in or relating to voltage amplifying devices patent, GB-860276-A: Improvements in or relating to vehicles patent, GB-860405-A: Permselective membranes patent, GB-861582-A: Improvements in compressed scale measuring instrument circuits patent, GB-861588-A: Improvements in or relating to television receivers patent, GB-862733-A: An adapter for the attachment of lens accessories patent, GB-863018-A: Method of and apparatus for continuous pre-refining of molten pig-iron patent, GB-864295-A: Hydraulic remote indicating or control apparatus patent, GB-864526-A: Improvements in gas turbine installations patent, GB-864944-A: Improvements in or relating to reel holders, particularly for photographic cameras and projectors patent, GB-866129-A: A parking device for vehicles patent, GB-866726-A: Improvements in and relating to mineral mining machines patent, GB-866907-A: Improvements in and relating to gyrators patent, GB-867008-A: Improvements in or relating to pressure containers and to methods and apparatus for making same patent, GB-867292-A: Improvements in or relating to refrigerators patent, GB-867323-A: Improvements in or relating to electric lighting fittings patent, GB-867412-A: Knitting machine yarn striping mechanism patent, GB-867811-A: Apparatus sensitive to the water content of vapour above chemical cleaning liquids patent, GB-868172-A: Novobiocin and dihydronovobiocin injections patent, GB-868262-A: A computer for navigation and other purposes patent, GB-868281-A: Production of chloroprene patent, GB-869840-A: Detergent automotive fuel patent, GB-870044-A: Zigzag filter blank and method of making a filter patent, GB-870610-A: Improvements in detachable cuffs for shirts patent, GB-870726-A: Improvements in disc brakes patent, GB-870845-A: Improvements relating to electric sockets patent, GB-871191-A: Multi-ply bases for light-sensitive material patent, GB-871311-A: Process for the production of electrically conductive coatings and products obtainedby this process patent, GB-871715-A: Arc furnace for melting reactive refractory metals patent, GB-871911-A: Rubbery composition patent, GB-872063-A: Improvements in duct systems for combustible mixtures patent, GB-873721-A: Improvements in heating apparatus patent, GB-873842-A: Improvements in or relating to perches for cage birds patent, GB-873916-A: Improvements relating to hermetically sealed semi-conductor devices patent, GB-874424-A: A method of producing vacuum-tight connections between a ceramic body and a metal member patent, GB-874635-A: Improvements in or relating to vibratory linear conveyers patent, GB-875484-A: Improvements in cold-cathode stepping tubes and circuits therefor patent, GB-876115-A: Improvements in or relating to thread or yarn winding machines patent, GB-876370-A: Improvements in fluid control valves patent, GB-877605-A: Flowmeter patent, GB-877682-A: Liquid fuel injection pumps for internal combustion engines patent, GB-878743-A: Furnace group for firing ceramic material patent, GB-878964-A: Improvements in and relating to soil stabilization patent, GB-879632-A: Improvements in hairdressers' hair rollers patent, GB-880105-A: Improvements in and relating to fly frames patent, GB-880238-A: Protective arrangements for electric circuits and apparatus patent, GB-880314-A: Improvements in or relating to magnetic recording/playback apparatus patent, GB-880683-A: Motor road vehicle patent, GB-881406-A: Improvements in or relating to submarine cable laying apparatus patent, GB-881864-A: Improvements in or relating to conveying apparatus for coal and like bulk material patent, GB-883121-A: Improvements relating to antivibrating supports for machinery patent, GB-884037-A: Receptacles for waste material patent, GB-884109-A: Door control mechanism patent, GB-884429-A: Cryotron translators patent, GB-884862-A: Drifting or broaching device for horizontal lathes patent, GB-884954-A: Phosphate coating solutions patent, GB-885058-A: patent, GB-886709-A: Diagnostic composition patent, GB-888767-A: Method and apparatus for the anodic passivation of metals patent, GB-888905-A: New coloration process for textile materials patent, GB-889478-A: Production of extruded articles patent, GB-891185-A: Improvements in adjusting gear for rollers patent, GB-892376-A: Digital transducer system patent, GB-892944-A: Improvements in or relating to cable and like systems patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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