Turbine-driven fan


847,128. Turbines; axial-flow fans. LICHTBLAU, L., and MILICH, E. July 10, 1957 [Aug. 2, 1956], No. 21864/57. Classes 110 (1) and 110 (3). A turbine-driven fan comprises a centrallydisposed radially inward-flow gas turbine surrounded by an axial-flow fan, the turbine rotor and the fan impeller being connected together and rotatably mounted about a common spindle at an axial distance from each other, and the impeller hub having a diameter substantially equal to the outer diameter of the rotor. In the I.C. engine cooling fan shown, the turbine rotor 3 and the fan impeller 4 are joined by bolts 9 and journalled by bearings 7, 8 on a stationary spindle 5. Engine exhaust gases are supplied through two pipes 17 into the two halves of a ring manifold 2 and thence through guide vanes 10 to the inward flow turbine rotor 3. Some of the air discharged by the fan is directed through slots 16 and passes as a cooling stream over the finned hub 15 of the fan and thence through holes 22 in the turbine rotor, the motion of the air being assisted by the ejector effect created by the passage of the exhaust gases through a discharge diffuser 13. Oil from the lubrication circuit of the engine is supplied to the bearings 7, 8 through the centre of spindle 5 and a cross duct (not shown) and returned to the engine through a duct 21.




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