Improved seed box for a seed sower

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Alan William Clough
  • Publication Date: September 21, 1960
  • Publication Number: GB-848779-A


848,779. Seed sowing machines. CLOUGH, A. W. Feb. 2, 1959 [March 20, 1958], No. 3569/59. Class 6(1). A seed sowing machine comprises a hopper with openings in the bottom and spring wires 22 extending through the holes and into contact with the ground so that the wires are caused to vibrate and thereby to move seeds through the openings. As shown the wires 22 are attached to a spring wire 23 and inverted cup members 18 are provided and are each formed with a plurality of different sized holes which may be brought successively below the hole in the hopper. The hopper 10 is provided with a lid 12 with rubber gasket and spring clips 13 to secure it in position and to stop the flow of seed through the openings, the hopper may be moved to the dotted line position by means of hinges 14. The wire 23 may be omitted and the wires 22 may be each pivoted with a ring which rests on the bottom of the hopper. The wires 22 may be arranged to extend down hollow tines and to engage the ground near the foot of the tine.




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