Improvements relating to antivibrating supports for machinery


883,121. Resilient mountings. SOC. APPLICAZIONI G O M M A ANTIVIBRANTI S.p.A. Oct. 9, 1959 [Dec. 2, 1958], No. 34379/59. Class 108(3). Resilient rubber blocks 10, 11, Figs. 1, 2, for supporting machinery, &c and arranged to be stacked in piles according to the vibrations to be absorbed, have inter-engaging grooves and ribs 15, 16 to prevent relative sliding, and have parallel staggered channels 12, 12<SP>1</SP> of flattened cross-sectional form traversing the blocks from side-to-side or endto-end. The ribs 15, 16 are preferably arranged in a "T" formation.




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