Receptacles for waste material


884,037. Fibreboard boxes for waste materials. BOWATER RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO. Ltd. March 17, 1960 [March 26, 1959], No: 10606/59. Class 18. A fibreboard box 1 for waste material is provided with a self-closing lid 8 integral with the rear wall 2 and formed by doubling on itself an extension of the wall 2 along a line 5 and then folding this extension along a line 6, whereby the resiliency of the fibreboard gives the lid 8 a bias towards the closure position. The doubled over part 4 is provided with matching key-hole slots 9 by means of which the box may be suspended from nails 12 on a wall 11. Adhesive, stitching or stapling may be used to maintain the part 4 in its folded condition. In a modification (not shown), the slots 9 are omitted and suspension means engage the back of the box. The suspension means is a fibreboard blank bent to channel shape and scored to form a tongue which engages a slot in the box. The lid may have tongue-and-slot engagement with the front of the box and the side panels may have inwardly foldable flaps at the top, which flaps are left upstanding during use.




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